Beard Trim Products

BumbleBee PRO or DIY

Easy Beard Trimming At Home

No Mess
Perfect Stubble
Safe on Loose Skin

RoboCut Automatic Beard Trimmer

The strong air flow gives you precise stubble length and all clippings are collected.

If you select the PRO model, no need to drag-out household vacuum,

plug vacuum in outlet,

plug haircutter in outlet,

connect hoses,

turn-on vacuum, turn on haircutter,

turn-off haircutter, turn-off vacuum.

None of that! Just simple happy grooming.

Bumblebee PRO Features

  • 1. RoboCut Automatic Groomer with electric scissors (motor driven - not vibrator).

  • 2. All attachments included, both for haircuts, beards and dogs.

  • 3. The PRO has built-in strong 1000W vacuum.

  • 4. Easy shake hair-clippings disposal. Holds 30 regular human haircuts.