Compare BumbleBee-Flowbee

Flowbee ® compared to BumbleBee® compared to BumbleBee-PRO All three give good haircuts, but there are important comparisons below.
See Details BumbleBee-PRO BumbleBee Flowbee ®
Good Haircut
Safe No-Nick Blade
Compact Convenient One-hand hold Four-hand hold Four-hand hold
Built-In Vacuum any vacuum Over 4 HP vacuum
Warranty 2 Years Full 2 Years Full 1 Year Limited
No Setup
Free Shipping
Sale Discount $99.99 $69.99 $125.00
Any Length Choice 0.5 inch step lengths
Shortest hair 0.1 in_ 0.1 in_ 0.5 in_____
Easy Blades Replacement
Inexpensive Blades $9.99 $9.99 $25.00
Rotary cutting action like Norelco shaver like Norelco shaver Vibratory, like Remington shaver
Round cutting head rectangular
Pet adapter
Hair Styling Guide Family & Pets Family & Pets Family
Low noise Moderate noise.
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