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RoboCut Automatic Pet Groomer

The built-in automatic air flow gives you what no other

product can: as soon as you plug one cord in the

outlet, you are already grooming.

No need to drag-out household vacuum,

plug vacuum in outlet,

plug haircutter in outlet,

connect hoses,

turn-on vacuum, turn on haircutter,

turn-off haircutter, turn-off vacuum,

mind that sequence.

None of that! Just simple happy grooming.

BumbleBee PRO Features

  • 1. RoboCut Automatic Pet Groomer with electric scissors (motor driven - not vibrator).

  • 2. Built-in strong 1000W vacuum, controlled by same switch.

  • 3. Easy shake hair-clippings out. Holds 30 regular human haircuts.

  • 4. All attachments included, both for people and dogs.