Q. What is the shortest hair I can get with Robocut ?
A. ¼ inches. If you need shorter for beard, please call for special beard adapter.
Q. What is the longest hair I get with Robocut ?
A. Can get 24 inches. The order comes with everything for maximum of 6 inches. For longer hair please order more Extenders. Each Extender gives 2 more inches.
Q. Do I need to connect Robocut to a vacuum ?
A. No, if you have the PRO model which makes it′s own vacuum, has built-in collector of clippings. Yes, if you have the regular model which will work with any household vacuum that has a hose.
Q. How to see a video of using Robocut ?
A. YouTube has many customer posted videos. The most complete is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMvnu2XATqg
Q. Can blades be changed ?
A. Yes, they are pre-assembled like a cartridge. Just take out old cartridge and insert the new.
Q. Can blades be sharpened ?
A. Sharpening is possible but costs more than a new cartridge.