Convenience model with Vacuum. 39th yearly Sale.

RoboCut  Model Convenience newest fastest Vacuum Haircut System with built in vacuum combines electric-powered vacuum with a precision haircutting tool and gives you professional hairstyling results in the convenience of your own home. Can cut all types of hair, even tight curls, the robocut is suitable for men, women and children. No experience needed. Just set the hair-length dial for a perfect length haircut every time. Hair is drawn into the recessed blades and is cut with precision. This is the most convenient vacuum haircutter money can buy.

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Robocut self contained vacuum haircutter is our fastest most convenient model. Model is 110 volts.

  • - Safety blades prevent nicks even on loose skin
  • - Easy to change blades
  • - Canister holds many haircuts, easy to emptly
  • - No oiling needed, no oily fingers or hair.
  • - Top quality filter for clean air

The built-in automatic air means that you plug-in only one electric cord and handle only one switch. You do not have to mind the vacuum! The airflow and the clippings collection start and stop automatically. Just empty the container when full. It is the ultimate convenience. Has a built-in vacuum engine. Powerful for the very curly hair and quiet for sensitive ears. 

Plug one electric cord and you are styling. This is the most convenient haircutter money can buy.

Model Convenience 840W/40W 110 voltage for USA and Japan. Content:

  • 1. Model Convenience haircutter 840W/40W with Precision Dial, Laser Blades, Flexible Hose, Vacuum with top quality filter for clean air
  • 2. Two Range Extenders to reach up to 6 inches hair length
  • 3. Flat or Pet Adapter for grooming short hair and pets
  • 4. Buzz Adapter for extra short human haircuts.
  • 5. Angled Adapter for tapering and layering
  • 6. Gentle Angled Adapter for less steep tapering
  • 7. Haircutting Guide
  • 8. Instructions sheet

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