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The Economy model is an electric-powered precision haircutting tool that attaches to your vacuum cleaner. Can cut all types of hair, even tight curls, the Robocut is suitable for men, women and children. No experience needed. Just set the hair-length dial for a perfect length haircut every time. Hair is drawn into the blades from your vacuum suction and is cut with precision. Set ANY length from 1/8" to 6". Buy more extenders for longer than 6". No mess, hair is collected in your vacuum.  

This is the least cost version for easy haircuts at home. Gives men, women and children professional hair styling at home. RoboCut is helping families since 1984. 


  • - Safe, can not nick even loose skin.
  • - Gives shorter cut, even 1/16 inch.
  • - Tidy, hygienic, no oiling needed, no oily fingers and hair.
  • - Quiet, less sound than any other Vacuum Haircutter.

Connects to any household vacuum. All accessories are included:

  • 1. Haircutter with Precision Dial, Laser Blades, Flexible Hose, Power Cord
  • 2. Two Range Extenders to reach up to 6 inches hair length
  • 3. Flat or Pet Adapter for grooming short hair and pets
  • 4. Buzz Adapter for extra short human haircuts
  • 5. Angled Adapter for tapering and layering
  • 6. Gentle Angled Adapter for less steep tapering
  • 7. Haircutting Guide
  • 8. Instructions sheet
  • 9.Designed and Assembled in the USA

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