Robocut blade replacement instructions.

Replacing the RoboCut Blade

  1. Remove Telescoping dial.
  2. Remove screw with cross-tip screwdriver from Scale-tube (which has inch marks) picture A.
  3. Hold with blade facing up. I used a small jar inside a heavy tea cup, or a vise.
  4. Turn Scale-tube clockwise 1/4 inch to unlock, it will pop-up.
  5. Slide Scale-tube up and discard.
  6. Lift forearm Basket off shaft and discard.
  7. The motor shaft should only have the Spring with the blue plastic coupler.
  8. Insert new Basket and Scale as in picture B ; The Spring should push the 1/10 inch gap pointed to in Picture C.
  9. Turn 1/4 inch in counter-clockwise direction to lock. Replace screw to retain.

    For help, call 1 970-225-9060.

    Robocut blade image A RoboCut blade change image B Robocut blade image C